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“Mayer Networks was our choice for installation and maintenance of the computer systems at our new facility in rural southern Illinois. We have had excellent service from Mayer Networks. They have a very, very fast response time, more speedy than any other tech firm I’ve known. They assisted us in purchasing equipment; interviewed us to determine our needs, offered a number of choices with advice about pros and cons of systems, and they even made recommendations to save money for our start-up company. The installation was completed in a remarkably short period of time. Their technicians are highly knowledgeable, and their service is outstanding. I would strongly recommend that anyone choose Mayer Networks for information technology needs.”
“James and his team have been providing information technology services for Southern Illinois Dermatology since November of 2014. In that time, James has implemented many changes that have stabilized our network. Our medical practice uses electronic health records for all of our patients and we have 15 locations throughout the southern Illinois region. Therefore, computers and network efficiency have a major impact on our day to day operations. Prior to contracting with Mayer Networks, our system was much more volatile. In addition to the management of our entire network, James’ group also provides us coverage for our day to day needs such as troubleshooting printer issues, replacement of workstations, updates/upgrades to our practice management software and etc.. James is extremely knowledgeable in his field and truly wants to excel in the work he does for others. He approaches each issue as a challenge and remains focused throughout the project. He is hardworking, thorough, and solution oriented. In addition to Southern Illinois Dermatology, Mayer Networks also maintains our computer needs for Dr. Van Acker’s other businesses: DermaCare Body Boutique, The Annex Coffee and Deli, Egyptian Fitness Center, Murphysboro Event Centers, and Rosie’s Gaming. James has often had to be innovative in his approach due to the diversity of these businesses. James is easy to work with and always takes the time to discuss any of my concerns or questions. He is patient with our staff and they enjoy working with him. He has excellent communication and people skills. I am extremely satisfied that we made the decision to outsource our computer needs to Mayer Networks. They have become an integral part of our team and I highly recommend them.”

Administrator / Southern Illinois Dermatology

“Mayer Networks fast response times, dedicated support & high level of security measures has ensured that our time will be spent where it matters the most – taking care of our customers, and not worrying about our network infrastructure or computer systems.”
Travis Clem

President & CEO / South Porte Bank

“Our company, which serves multiple financial institutions across several states, engaged Mayer Networks to help update and expand our information technology capacities, as well as manage our network and servers on an ongoing basis. Our relationship began in 2009. From the point of initial conversation, Mayer provided our company with in-depth analysis of our needs, and provided us with detailed recommendations and options, and designed a plan for our future needs. Upon the consummation of the agreement, they promptly executed the plan and agreement, and have provided excellent service since. All elements of the arrangement/plan were completed in a timely, professional manner, with outstanding results to our operation. To date, the relationship has exceeded our expectations, and has added tremendous value to our operation through significant gains in efficiency and quickly resolved IT issues that inevitably arise. Our equipment has fulfilled our desires, and their responsive service has taken a very complex burden off of our minds, and allowed us to focus on our cores services to our clients. I can, without hesitation, highly recommend Mayer Networks to organizations seeking solid outside IT service and support.”

President / Alliance Services Group, LLC

“I am pleased to recommend Mayer Networks to anyone looking for IT support and maintenance, as well as back-up, systems design and emergency repair response. Community Health & Emergency Services, Inc. (CHESI) is a Federally Qualified Health Care (FQHC) system providing primary health care services in seven Southern Illinois counties. We operate electronic health records and an electronic practice management system in eleven facilities, and have had to build IT infrastructure that is able to support it. Had we not included Mayer Networks in these efforts early on, we would have spent a lot more money and realized a lot less in terms of performance. Initially, and early on, we were under-powered and over-staffed. James Mayer showed us how we could build the power we needed with lease-options and more effective purchases, at the same time employing smarter, more efficient design. We also found that relying upon the back up and trouble-shooting skills of Mayer Network allowed us to reduce the number of employees we had dedicated to IT without the loss of operating time. Finally, James and his staff allowed us to gain more out of the health records systems vendors and product support, sometimes in fact better understanding the product than the vendors did. Any issues we have had with our system – including virus attacks – have been resolved quickly and effectively. I recommend Mayer Networks whole heartedly and without reservation.”

CEO / Community Health & Emergency Services

“Our firm has done business with James Mayer and his team of highly trained technicians since 2007. We have always received extremely fast response time when we call for support. James has always taken care of all of our hardware and software needs and Mayer Networks is absolutely the most reliable IT firm in the Southern Illinois area. It is extremely comforting to know that all of our data is being stored at a secure offsite location and can be restored instantly in the event of a catastrophic event. James always takes the time to personally discuss any questions that we might have regarding our IT needs or concerns regarding safeguarding our data. We have always been provided with prompt, dependable, trustworthy support from James and his technicians and staff. I can honestly say that I wouldn’t trust anyone else with our computer needs. I can confidently recommend Mayer Networks for all of your IT needs.”

Barrett, Twomey, Broom, Hughes, & Hoke, LLP

“During my time at the City of Carbondale I’ve had the distinct pleasure of collaborating with James which has afforded me the opportunity to better understand his business and long-term vision of his company. James is a proven leader in his field and is well-respected among his peers. He has shown a willingness to develop relationships beyond our city’s borders which is improving the economy of the region. James truly understands the value of taking small incremental steps in order to execute a broader, long-term vision. Mayer Networks is a genuine asset to our community.”

City of Carbondale

“James Mayer is the most competent IT consultant that I have ever hired. In my opinion James is the most talented IT consultant in the tri-state area.”
Kevin W Reimer

Owner / KWR Ventures LLC

“James Mayer and Mayer Networks have made my Transition to a fully functional Electronic Health Record as smooth and as rapid as could be imagined. I have been utilizing Allscripts Professional EHR with my own secure and lightning fast Server for which James has been instrumental in all aspects of design and collaboration with my EHR provider. I have the premier EHR product with Patient portal and fully integrated Electronic Fax and Lab integration with Labcorp Labs with full accessibility from Home or on vacation. The comfort of 100% reliability and redundancy with Virtualization both in house and offsite for almost instantaneous use of offsite database if indeed a catastrophic event were to happen to my office within an hour we could be up and running from the offsite database with no loss of data or Time. For this Functionality and reliability I Thank James Mayer for allowing me as a Solo primary care practitioner to Meet Meaningful Use for 2012 and 2013 and soon to have meet 2014 while still maintaining my own database and local control. I’m living proof that you can have a fully Integrated EHR with all the functionality that it affords and benefits for managing patient care with full reimbursement from Medicare with the dedicated help of Mayer Networks.”

Medical Director / SIH Palliative Care Program

“I have known James for about 10 years. I have had the pleasure of watching him mature into a very successful business man. James is bright, funny, articulate, creative, passionate and dependable. I have come to know James both professionally and personally through work. James is the type of man that is a positive role model for professional young people. He has a way about him that creates trust with the people he works with. They know that they can talk to him and he will listen and help them solve whatever problem that they have. James is very passionate about his work. He is a team player, but he is also not hesitant about voicing his opinion when he feels that something is not quite right or that there may be a better alternative in handling things. James has a great love, devotion and sense of pride in his family, he is married with two small sons. Six years ago James was instrumental in creating and designing a new network for the Court system of Jackson County. This initial network design is still the basis of our current configuration. This network far exceeded our expectations. I have watched James interact with both his peers and with the business community in Jackson County, both older and younger and James can always be counted on as being a leader and on the cutting edge of new technology. Everyone looks up to him and looks to him for guidance. If I sound like I am proud of him, I am. If I sound as if I would recommend James for a position with your company, I would. You will not find another young man more deserving.”

Jackson County Circuit Clerk

“Mayer Networks or its prior entity has handled all of my companies IT needs for over 15+ years. Mayer has handled at a min the following: < Designing and building/or purchasing the computers needed to handle the demanding software my company uses. Designing the server network that would allow for allow the various software programs that had conflicts to run on the same system without issues (even the software manufactures were impressed). Troubleshooting systems to avoid problems. Responding to problems at the time they occur. My business is 24-7 and Mayer has on numerous occasions responded to my calls for help after midnight. In numerous cases James has driven over 45 minutes to my office to personally take care of problems. I recently split my office into two satellite offices, one in Illinois and one in Indiana. Each office needed servers, work stations and each server needed same set of files that could be accessed by either office at same time and we needed files on each to be identical. Mayer had successfully taken care of my needs. I without any reservation recommend Mayer Networks for servicing any IT needs.”

President / Finite Resources Ltd

“Mayer Networks has provided over eight years of IT services to the Boys & Girls Club of Carbondale (BGCC). I am pleased to offer this letter of recommendation on their behalf. BGCC was established in 2004, and our initial tech needs were met by in-house staff and volunteers. It was quickly apparent that our needs exceeded those resources. Early on, two other IT companies provided services for a short time but were unable to offer adequate support. James Mayer was connected with one of those firms, and when he left to form Mayer Networks, we began contracting with him for a broad range of technical assistance. During that time they have consistently met and exceeded our needs as a growing not-for-profit agency serving thousands of Carbondale’s children-in-need. Not only does Mayer respond to frequent calls and troubleshoots our growing system requirements, but on many occasions they went out of their way to donate equipment and expertise pro bono. We are not the only NFP that benefits from their time, attention, and expertise. As a business entrepreneur in the community, James Mayer consistently participates in City and Chamber of Commerce events. He is recognized as a leader and builder of one of the largest and most respected tech firms in the region. Mayer Networks has set the pace for similar companies and continues to create partnerships and expand into new areas to better serve the greater business community. I am pleased to recommend Mayer Networks to you as a responsive, competent, and successful company ready to help you function in this fast-paced tech environment.”

Executive Director / Boys & Girls Club of Carbondale

“Mayer Networks has earned a solid reputation as a result of consistently producing effective IT solutions during the past several years. I have known of this firm for many years and have watched them grow. The Diederich Group, comprised of the Diederich Insurance Agency, LLC and other diversified companies, has operated for the past several years with its own professional IT staff. However, with diverse businesses and ever increasing complexities of IT needs 24/7,it became necessary to review other options. We selected Mayer networks as our IT service provider because of their extensive expertise, quality of service, availability 24/7, reputation, and fair pricing. The transition from an in-house IT operation to an outside service was smooth, expeditious, and importantly-without surprises! Furthermore, they are located in Southern Illinois. In short, we needed to make the move and I am pleased that we chose Mayer Networks.”

President & CEO / Diederich Healthcare

“Our company has been a client of Mayer Network since 2010. I would highly recommend Mayer Network to any company who would like the peace of mind to keep their network safe and up to date. James Mayer has always been just a phone call away. I admire the additional service by James giving me his personal phone number and encouraging me to call if we ever had a problem. As a business owner I also like the fact that James puts money back in to his business by upgrading their equipment and software to keep his clients up to date. During my time as a customer I had occasion to call James at night and on the weekend and I never felt like I was bothering him. My calls were always received with the willingness to get my problem fixed and my business back on track at that point in time. “

President / Fare Foods Corporation

“My experience working with James has always been extremely positive. He’s a highly skilled IT professional who puts his customers first. Regardless of their industry, whenever a customer of ours is in need of IT support I recommend James and his team with confidence.”

Senior Account Executive / Clearwave Communications

“James is a cutting edge IT professional who offers personal attention and consideration to his clientele. You cannot find a more knowledgeable and trustworthy person to provide IT solutions and products.”

Adjunct Professor / Southern Illinois University School of Law

“James and his team are Mayer Networks are first-class. IT should be a tool used to help boost productivity and collaboration. All too often it becomes a chore and distraction. James designed a collaborative cloud based system for our firm. He and his team implemented a confluence of technologies including advanced telephony, sophisticated file sharing, redundant back-up systems, application integration, and 24/7 support into one seamless platform for our firm. Mayer Networks provided us with a platform that allowed us to focus on our business instead of IT. Equally important, he is easy to work with and flexible.”

Managing Partner / Treesdale Real Estate Partners

“James is a wonderful consultant to have. Our business wouldn’t be where it is today with out the help from James and Mayer Network.”

Co-Owner / Oliver and Associates, LLC

“While working with Mayer Networks I noticed they had a very tactful sense of their client’s needs. James’ isn’t your standard IT Consultant in that he ABSOLUTELY wants to save his clients money. The entire Mayer Networks staff is very mindful of giving clients exactly what they need right now, while balancing what they need to become future proof within their budget. They were the first Southern Illinois IT Consulting firm to host their own visualization data center so that clients can keep their data close and safe. Which I have always thought is a brilliant example of how James, and Mayer Networks in general, stay current and versatile in the industry. It really speaks to their ability to tackle any job, large or small. Do not be afraid to call James or his office at any time. You will be blown away by how adept and eager they are to keep your business here, and most importantly, running smoothly.”

Director of Product Development / LeadPages