Disaster Recovery with Business Continuity

It’s great your data is offsite, but guess what, it is not in a usable form. What if your office building was to suffer a catastrophe and all equipment was lost? Where are you going to restore your data? How are you going to generate revenue while you can not use your computers? It can take most IT firms three to five weeks to get your computer network up and running again after assessing the damage, talking with insurance companies, ordering new hardware and deploying that hardware. Can you stop working for that long?

Introducing online backup, a revolutionary technology that allows Mayer Networks to mimic your entire computer network (servers, workstations, etc.) every five to fifteen minutes. In the event of a disaster, Mayer Networks will have a complete copy of all of your servers and computers that comprise your information technology. If necessary, Mayer Networks can bring your entire computer network, including servers, on new hardware. In only a couple of hours, we can get your business back up and running again. Need even faster access? You can also access all of your programs and files on any device, remotely and securely, from our datacenter, anywhere in the world.

Image of 3 server racks.


Our Disaster Recovery with Business Continuity Solutions will ensure your business continues to thrive. Call today for a free backup assessment of your infrastructure and quote for our services.

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