Simple Offsite Backup

Don’t take chances with the data your business uses every day, ensure your security with a form of offsite backup. Mayer Networks can deliver a complete, unattended solution to make sure your files, databases, and even servers are safe and secure.

Customers who enlist in our offsite backup service can have as many backups per day as they require, with nightly email reports indicating everything that was backed up for the day. We offer 90 day retention on data, ensuring we can restore your data as necessary. We also offer a web portal so you can see your data and run any reports you wish.

While no one wants to think about a scenario where critical business data is lost due to fire, flood, theft, or another disaster, it can be wise to have an appropriate plan in place to deal with these situations. With the most common backup procedure that most businesses employ, data and files are backed up to external hard drives, tape media and manually stored offsite. While this addresses the backup itself, it fails to encompass a typical disaster recovery plan for extreme circumstances.


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• Backup Files, Email, Databases

• Customized Schedules

• 90 Day Retention

• Unlimited Storage Allowed

• Easy Restore

• Nightly Emailed Reports

• No Charges For Technical Support

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