Litigation on Hold

Litigation on Hold  ╱  We can ensure that your organization stays compliant with email archiving.

Litigation on Hold

When a reasonable expectation of litigation exists or for FOIA requests to local government, organizations are required to preserve electronically stored information (ESI), including email that’s relevant.

This expectation often exists before the specifics of the case or request are known, and preservation is often broad. Organizations may need to preserve all email related to a specific topic or all email for certain individuals. Depending on the organization’s electronic discovery (eDiscovery) practices, the following measures can be adopted to preserve email:

Today’s Struggles:

  • End users may be asked to preserve email by not deleting any messages. However, users can still delete email knowingly or inadvertently.
  • Automated deletion mechanisms such as messaging records management (MRM) may be suspended. This could result in large volumes of email cluttering the user mailbox, and thus impacting user productivity. Suspending automated deletion also doesn’t prevent users from manually deleting email.
  • Some organizations copy or move email to an archive to make sure it isn’t deleted, altered, or tampered with. This increases costs due to the manual efforts required to copy or move messages to an archive, or third-party products used to collect and store email outside Exchange.

Failure to preserve email can expose an organization to legal and financial risks such as scrutiny of the organization's records retention and discovery processes, adverse legal judgments, sanctions, or fines.

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