Customer Survey

Customer Survey

Thank you for Helping us Improve

    When you first call into the office, is your call answered in a timely fashion, and are you treated kindly?

    Does a ticket get entered promptly after you call in or email support?

    After your ticket has been assigned to a technician, do you receive a call back within 1 hour?

    When the technician contacts you, are you friendly and courteous?

    Does the technician attempt to try to resolve your issue while on the phone with you and in a timely manner?

    If the technician is unable to resolve your issue on the phone, do they schedule an Onsite appointment?

    When the technician does schedule an Onsite appointment, are they on time?

    Once the technician is Onsite, do they attempt to fix your issues as fast as they possibly can to lessen downtime for your business?

    If the technician is running late for their appointment with you, do they contact you to let you know?

    If the technician is not able to resolve your issue while on the phone or Onsite, do they follow up with you in a timely fashion once they are able to figure out the resolution?

    Once the issue has been fixed, does the technician let you or the Manager know before leaving?

    Do you feel that the technicians are knowledgeable about your network?

    Do you feel that the staff at Mayer Networks work diligently to resolve your issues?

    Overall, how satisfied are you with Mayer Networks and the Staff?

    Would you refer Mayer Networks to other businesses?

    • 0 = Disagree Completely
    • 1 = Slightly Disagree
    • 2 = Disagree
    • 3 = Neutral
    • 4 = Agree
    • 5 = Slightly Agree
    • 6 = Completely Agree