Web Presence

Web Presence  ╱   Increase Your Business Visibility

Is Your Business Being Found Online?

Your web presence can have a huge impact on reaching potential new customers in your local market place. Mayer Networks has grown to be one of the largest IT consulting firms in Southern Illinois with a vast range of IT solutions for many different industries. With our division Mayer Branding, let us fine-tune your web presence to attract visitors and turn them into customers. At Mayer Branding we aid businesses in getting off to a good start online or help existing businesses take on new life by increase your business’ online visibility.

Your website gives a first impression about your company and helps define your business’ image. Building a website is the start of a solid online presence. Creating a website without having some search engine optimization is akin to starting a business with zero market research. Your products and services that drive your business should also drive relevant traffic and leads. Let Mayer Branding help you increase your online visibility.

Social media also impacts search and is posed to do so even more in the future. The web is being ruled by new media (Twitter, Blogs, Facebook). Taking advantage of this new media we help develop your web presence to best represent and elevate your business. Keeping your customers engaged with social media increases communication and overall potential customers. From advanced website development to social media marketing; we do it all.

Let Mayer Branding help you increase your online visibility.


Are you tired of paying a costly monthly bill for a website that no one can find? We want to provide the solution for your vision!

Search & Social Media Marketing

Our deep understanding of search engine ranking algorithms, best practices and effective marketing strategies to reach your audience in new ways through social media to build brand trust and potential customers. Don’t let your competition leave you in the dust, join the conversation today.

Website Design & Development

You don’t have to choose between creativity and functionality when it comes to web design. Your website is one of the most important components of your marketing strategy – and it’s especially important to build your website in a way that’s optimized for search from the beginning.