Avanan Security

Avanan Security   ╱  Secure Your Microsoft 365 Environment
Secure Your Microsoft 365

Secure Your Microsoft 365

Detects and stop evasive attacks that bypass Microsoft security

Anti-Phishing for Microsoft 365

Anti-Phishing for Microsoft 365

Prevents up to 99% of phishing attacks

DLP and Compliance for Microsoft 365

DLP and Compliance for Microsoft 365

Automated encryption and sharing policies to keep you compliant

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Avana Security

Get ready for unbeatable security for ALL your Microsoft 365 accounts! With Avanan’s cutting-edge anti-phishing tools, you can rest assured that your accounts are in good hands. With an advanced machine learning algorithm that connects via API behind Microsoft 365’s default security, Avanan pin-points the complex phishing attacks that Microsoft often overlooks. Choose Avanan as your ultimate phishing protection partner, and enjoy worry-free Microsoft 365 experience!

Avanan’s cutting-edge malware protection and antivirus tools offer exceptional zero-day protection to keep your Microsoft 365 environment free from any harmful files. Additionally, with our robust data loss prevention and compliance solutions, you can effortlessly manage your Microsoft 365 data sharing and ensure that you abide by all industry-specific regulations. Our platform’s advanced automation capabilities, including encryption and sharing policies, guarantee that your cloud applications’ functionality is never compromised. Obtain peace of mind with Avanan’s comprehensive security solutions for Microsoft 365 and safeguard your cloud environment against any threats.


Avanan offers complete, defense-in-depth security for Office 365, whether you use SharePoint, OneDrive, Teams, or the full collaboration environment.


  • Phishing

    Avanan uses advanced AI and machine-learning models trained on attacks that get past Office 365, analyzing over 300 indicators per message. Deploys between the inbox and native security to secure inbound, outbound and internal email from the most sophisticated attacks that evade Microsoft.

  • Zero-day malware & ransomware

    Multiple real time malware, sandboxing, and AI active-content analysis tools work in parallel to identify and stop ransomware and malicious content.

  • Account Takeover / Insider Threat

    Avanan analyzes every user across multiple SaaS, comparing historical behavior, anomalous activity, and profiles of real-world breaches to identify attacks in real time.


  • Data Leak Protection

    Identify confidential data using industry-leading tools. Enforce regulatory compliance (PCI, HIPAA, SOX, etc.) across all your SaaS with cloud-aware, context-sensitive, policy work flows.

  • Policy-Based Encryption

    Automate the encryption of sensitive files – whether shared internally, via email, or public share – without deploying new infrastructure, using the protocols you already know and trust.


  • Shadow It

    Identify risky cloud services your employees are using in the office or at home that have been connected to your approved SaaS accounts, without redirecting traffic or using a proxy.

  • SIEM Integration

    Avanan correlates user and file events from all SaaS, combing them with real-time reports of the security stack, so you can monitor the cloud with your existing SIEM.

Robust Post-Delivery Protection to ensure complete defense- in-depth

Admins have the access to deploy “Search and Destroy” providing security teams with a convenient tool to expedite the investigation and locate the root cause of a potential breach originating from phishing incidents. Its functionality includes the ability to remove emails containing malicious contents with a single click, streamlining the administrative process. The “Email Recheck” feature adds a layer of protection by verifying the accuracy of flagged emails and providing further reassurance that the threat has been fully eradicated. These features enhance organizational security measures, maintaining robust defenses against potential threats.


Traditional solutions aren’t built for the cloud, and in some cases make security worse. They are blind to internal threats and users suspicious activity and compromised accounts.