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From entry-level POP3 or IMAP to more advanced hosted email solutions, Mayer Networks has you covered. Having email hosting with your own domain name is great for professionalism, but if you use Microsoft Outlook, you are only scratching the surface of what Outlook can do you for your business. Microsoft Exchange Hosting can not only host your email, it can give you simultaneous access to your email, calendar, tasks, and contacts on multiple devices.

Exchange comes with added features for Outlook such as calendar, task and contact sharing, the ability for managers to have direct access to employee mailboxes, and the ability to have public inboxes and calendars for all users to share.

Not only can we help productivity in your office with added Microsoft exchange email tools and features, we can also protect you. Mayer Networks utilizes advanced email filtering systems that ensure you only get the email you want, and none of the spam and viruses you do not. We also offer 90 day retention on deleted items in the event you ever need to restore a deleted email.

Learn more about our advanced threat protection, including anti-spam service and secure email encryption:

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Microsoft Exchange Email Hosting Features

Unlimited Email Storage
Spam & Virus Protection
Mobile Device Support
Outlook Auto-Setup
Calendar Sharing
User Delegation
Secure Email Encryption
Backup & Retrieval
Distribution Lists
Additional Add-Ons
Public Folders


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