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Digital Security for Businesses: Password Tips

It’s World Password Day!

Do you still use a regular password or have you gotten used to the facial recognition on your smartphone? You’ve probably heard that password’s days are numbered, with physical devices becoming more commonplace. Passwords are still our main line of defense for many of the devices and apps we use daily. Here at Mayer Networks, we use a combination of security and best practices to ensure our users are protected.

To celebrate World Password Day, we’ve come up with some simple password tips:

  1. Don’t save passwords on public computers
    Don’t accidentally click “remember my password” at the local library. Don’t be that person!
  2. Create strong passwords
     Never use 1234, password, admin, names, pets, or birthdays.
  3. Change your password often
    When’s the last time you changed your password? Change it, now.
  4. Use unique passwords for each account
    Can I just add an extra 1 to it? NO! Make it unique; name it like it’s your child.
  5. Use a password manager
    How am I supposed to remember all my passwords for Facebook, Twitter, and Farmville? The answer is simple, a password manager.
  6. Create pass phrases
    Use a phrase with multiple words that is easy to remember, yet fairly difficult to guess. Example: NeverGonnaGiveYouUp
  7. Don’t give out your password
    But I got an email asking me to enter my account info? Don’t get tricked into giving away your login info! Be wary of anyone asking for your login info.
  8. Consider enabling two-factor authentication
    Using two-factor authentication adds an extra layer of security, such as entering a random number sent to your phone to login.

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